The infamous Junkyard restuarant (made famous by their unique food creations and featured on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives) is now seeking investors.

We plan to take our successful and original restuarant model to places across the country ... each location to have it's own unique Junkyard feeling, but serving the same great food we're known for!

Our Concept

Over the past 13 years, from our humble beginnings in Lancaster, Oregon ... a town kind of in the middle of nowhere, we have had people ask us over and over again .. are you ever going to offer franchises? When Guy Fieri showed up from Diners Drive Ins and Dives, he asked the same question.

What makes a Junkyard (Junkyard Extreme Burgers and Brats®) work so well ... that people literally stand in line for our food ... is that we have combined a great burger and brat menu (along with a few other amazing twists) with a really cool vibe. By doing this, we proved that "people will come to you" if these two things exist. We are a place people can go and get away from the hustle and bustle ... and just enjoy eating food they love in a place they love.

Owning a Junkyard is not about trying to compete with national chains battling over location and price. The Junkyard franchise is different. Two things, first ... our food is so good that people don't visit concerned about the price ... second ... because we aren't in high traffic - strip mall type locations ... you can locate your franchise in a place that is affordable ... after all ... we are the Junkyard!

We are now ready to award franchises. Our business model is driven by four factors:

  1. Our menu diversity and the experience we create
  2. Real estate availability not traffic driven
  3. Franchisee support based on a team driven model
  4. Business Opportunity with proven success

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

All anyone has to do is watch the DDD segment. Simply stated, we created a secret sauce that combines a unique twist on America's favorite foods with an experience that people just cannot resist. Since the first airing of our segment on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, thousands of people have asked us if we were ever going to open more locations or franchise? The answer is YES! Now we are looking for people who can help us bring the Junkyard to the rest of the world.


The investment for a single franchise unit is between $250,000 and $450,000. With a minimum of $150,000 liquid cash required. The variable on costs, depends on the size of your facility, the build out requirements and other things that you as the franchise owner decide to invest. The franchise fee for an individual franchise is listed in our sales brochure and we offer discounts on franchise fees for multiple unit commitments. The specifics of the franchise fees and royalties and total investment are detailed in our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), that we provide once your franchise consideration application is accepted.


Territory is one of the most unique aspects of our business model because we operate on the opposite model of most food franchise businesses. Our model is based on finding locations that are a bit in the middle of nowhere vs. the corner strip mall or a busy downtown location. People come to us to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, as you will find once you review our FDD, you will have an agreed upon territory that is defined by zip codes and/or counties.

Franchises are available in all 50 States with the exception of the following: (Where we will only file a disclosure when we have a Franchisee ready to operate)

California, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin


When you learn about us and press the REQUEST INFO button on our website, the process will be as follows:

  1. We will review the preliminary answers you provide to us when you request more infromation from our website.
  2. We will then send you our Franchise Sales Brochure and Franchise Consideration Application, this will give you more specific information and what we require from a franchise and what we offer as far as support and training to our franchisees, more about capital requirements and franchise obligations. This would be the time to formulate any questions if you are seriously interested in the opportunity.
  3. Once we receive your signed Franchise Consideration Application, we will contact you to introduce ourselves and to answer any preliminary questions you may have. We will also forward you a "FDD", (Franchise Disclosure Documents) for you to sign with your intent and signature to move forward.
  4. At this point we will set up the second call and answer any further questions and ask a few of our own based on your application. Once this call is completed, we will both know whether it is time for you to meet our founders and prepare to finalize the process and award you a Junkyard Extreme Burgers and Brats franchise.

Site Selection

Site selection for your location is going to be dependent on a couple important factors. These include; a cool funky building with ample parking that is a bit out of the way from a major population center. In addition to being "out of the way", the location should also be between major destination points like a major population center and a beach town, mountain/vacation places or between two major population centers within 10-25 miles of your location. In many cities they are revitalizing older parts of town, these areas are also good potential Junkyard locations. We are the kind of unique food experience that these areas are looking for.

Q & A


Note: we refer to "Junkyard" when we are talking about your restaurant/franchise. When we refer to the franshising company, it is Extreme Burgers Franchising.

Can I open more than one restaurant?
Yes. We encourage franchisees who are qualified to open multiple locations through our Area Developer Program. Based on your application and financial information, you may be eligible to purchase more than one franchise up front and at a discounted rate. Alternatively, you may want to purchase a franchise, become familiar with the business, and then purchase your second or third franchise.

Do I still get the discounted rate if I open additional locations later?
Yes, if a your desired territory is available then you will receive a 20% discount on any other franchise territories you purchase.

What time of day is a Junkyard open for business?
Your Junkyard should be open from 11:00 AM – 7 PM, serving lunch and dinner on Wednesday through Saturday. Sunday is 12pm – 5pm. Closed on Monday and Tuesday. However, our expectations of our franchise operations will be 7 days a week from 11:00 to 8:00

How much time do I need to spend in my restaurant?
We highly encourage a hands-on approach in the ramp-up and development of your restaurant(s). Customer service and a great attitude are major factors and should not be taken for granted. As you develop your business and hire reliable managers, we still encourage your participation during peak business times and catering opportunities.

Does Extreme Burgers Franchising encourage applications from women and minority owner/operators?
Absolutely, yes.


How much money do I need to get started?
The initial franchise fee for your first franchise is $35,000. The initial franchise fee for multiple units may be discounted for additional franchises based on certain conditions and criteria. The estimated initial investment for a typical Junkyard restaurant will be between $250,000 and $450,000.

What do I need to qualify financially?
To purchase an Extreme Burgers franchise, you will need a credit score of 680 and the required liquid capital of $150k.

If I don't meet the financial or operational criteria to become a franchisee, can I partner with someone who does?
Yes you can. As long as your partner owns at least 50% of your organization, this is fine.

Do you help me secure financing?
Extreme Burgers Franchising does not offer financing. We recommend that you do your own research to find financial institutions in your market that do provide financing.

Is there a continuing royalty fee?
Yes, This will be explained in the Franchise Disclosure Document but it is average for a Franchise Operation.

Is there an advertising fee and what does that cover?
Our Franchise Agreement requires that 2%to 4% of your gross sales be spent on your local advertising. In addition to an National Marketing effort. This too will be discussed in detail within the FDD you will be provided.


How many people attend training?
Up to two people are included in the training process as part of the initial franchise fee. Additional staff may attend for a fee. The training will take place at our discretion.


I'm not a marketing expert. How do I build sales?
Building sales takes effort on many different levels – from running your business with monitored food costs, to strong operations to local store marketing to most importantly, ensuring that you give every guest a reason to return. As the Extreme Burgers Franchising company grows, our marketing team, in addition to creative agencies and public relations firm, will assist you by creating national marketing initiatives and advertising to help build awareness and trial. Of course, operating a restaurant that delights customers and interacts well with the community is also critical for word-of-mouth and repeat business.


What are the best locations for a new restaurant?
A Junkyard appeals to many different demographic groups. An appealing, accessible location is always critical. We will help you analyze potential buildings and locations based on our experience to date. Your own observations of what has succeeded and what has not in your target markets are also invaluable.

Who signs the lease?
You, the franchisee, will sign the lease.

What is the average size of a Junkyard location?
The average restaurant we recommend is between 2,000 and 3,000 sq. ft. with outdoor seating features.

Who designs and builds the restaurant?
We will help you manage your custom design plans and we will assist you in securing an architect and engineer, as well as identifying approved subcontractors.


Where do I buy my supplies, such as food and paper?
Extreme Burgers Franchising has a national network of approved distributors that carry our contracted and proprietary products.

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